Monday, October 09, 2006

Cinema idiots

Hi all again ,

After watching a movie last night over at a local cinema , I realise that there's always a good chance you get some idiot who's so inconsiderate whereby his/her feet will always rock your seat through his involuntary spasm or whatever you call it . Yes , last night was my unlucky night .

I endured the discomfort for the whole duration of the show and with of course , occasional glance to the back of my seat hoping that idiot will notice my uneasiness . Hmmm...seems like the guy was oblivious to my attention towards him because he was kind of busy with his girlfriend doing something god knows what .

I was wondering , why do these people need to be in the cinema to engage in certain private activities with the expense of other movie goers whose main objective is to watch and enjoy the show without any physical disturbances ?

Do you guys ever had this kind of experience ? How do you guys react ? Sometimes I really wish that I have powers like those you see in X-men characters where I can just turn back and temporarily freeze their movement and speech so that I can enjoy watching the show in peace .

Adious guys ! Will be back for more complains .

Friday, October 06, 2006


Greetings everyone ,

I am here to provide a sanctuary human beings like you and me to take refuge from certain kind of idiots that messes up your life . It will also be a place for people to seek solutions and advises through experience veterans who have dealt with or in the process of getting out of a difficult situation .

Well , the reason why I started this blog is because I find myself forever being drawn into games of certain kind of difficult people which I term them as idiots or whatever you may label them as . I believe such idiots has certain characteristics which I am able to determine , such as arrogance , inability to tell the truth , wanting to control everything , the know it all attitude whereby anything you say just seems like crap to this sort of idiot , extremely rude and disrespectful and last but not least , sarcasm and cynism seems to be the way of life .

Ok , maybe you have come across or even now you are in the midst of having any kind of relationship with idiots like this whether it be love , business or friendship . The most important thing is to identify these idiots early and leave them as soon as possible before you get dragged into a deeper stink hole .

I myself has plugged up the courage to leave this kind of idiots a couple of times , but each time I leave one , another one will come along some time later and screw up my life again using his/her authoritarian style of control . I ask myself everytime , why is it that I am always being targetted by such idiots ? It took me quite some time before I realise that I trusted people too easily and have the habit of taking initiative to offer help and assistance to others , which I truly believe is the reason why I was such an easy target . Well , its always painful to leave any kind of relationship but to dislodge yourself from that idiot's grip on you is the most satisfying moment where you can look back and thank god for giving you the courage to kick him/her out of your life .

Ok , there's another kind of idiots in life which may piss you off as well , example like taxi drivers ,inconsiderate pricks over at hawker centres and so forth .
I would like to include a section where you guys out there can send me photos of inconsiderate actions or behaviours for me to put it up in my blog . It can be pictures of parking idiots , jaywalking idiots , road hoggers or whatever that pisses you off .

Alright , enough said , I am going to take a smoke break and return back here to update you guys .

Have a nice day !